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63 Pitt Street, Suite 102, Sharon PA 16146   724-347-7000
Walberg Family Pharmacies is a proud community member and an equal opportunity employer whose goal is to give back to the communities it serves by helping to provide job opportunities for residents of the area.
We are fortunate to employ many local residents in our business. We know our associates are the keys to being a successful, viable business in the community. Each employee plays an instrumental role in ensuring customers are served and happy, thus creating repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. As a business, our goals are as follows:
  1. To provide the highest level of customer service to our valued customers
  2. To offer job satisfaction and excellent working conditions for all of our associates
  3. To maintain a profitable local business that is able to serve the local community and offer employment opportunities within the community.
Because we value our employees and believe in a team work environment -- each of our employees work WITH us, not just for us -- we are excited when we grow and are able to add new team members. Please check back here periodically for current job opportunities with us.
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