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FREE Medication Packaging, Dose by Dose
Do you worry about your loved ones taking all of their medicines and taking them correctly? According to medical experts, the average person over the age of 65 takes as many as 7 prescriptions per day. Sadly, 125,000 elderly die each year due to medication mismanagement and many, many more are hospitalized.

Walberg Family Pharmacies are proud to offer a new way to keep your loved ones safe and independent with FREE Care-FillTM custom medication packaging.
With FREE Care-FillTM custom medication packaging Walberg Family Pharmacies utilizes a high tech robot to automatically sort, organize and pack your loved ones’ medications.  Each patient’s medications are packaged in clear, individually sealed, easy-to-open packets in one continuous strip per month.
Each dosage packet lists the patient name, date, dosage time, instructions and medications contained. This technology virtually eliminates the possibility of a missed dose or spilled vials with pills lost down the kitchen sink. The patient (or caregiver) may simply refer to the next packet on the strip for the next dosing time and instructions.
Our pharmacists also perform a monthly medication double check. We'll check with the patient (or caregiver), the doctor and the pharmacy for any medication changes or additions - ensuring timely refills and adherence to physician treatments.  Our monthly medication double check also provides an opportunity to screen for any potentially dangerous drug interactions or duplicate therapies.
Walberg Family Pharmacies will contact your physician for refills, when necessary, and deliver your custom packed prescriptions to your home –at no additional charge.  Over-the-counter and natural supplements can also be included.
“We are pleased to offer this FREE service to everyone. It is our way to give back to the communities who support us,” stated Bretton Walberg, Pharmacist and Owner.
If you would like your medications better organized and grouped in individual dosage packets, we would be happy to help. Just call 855-WALBERG (855-925-2374)
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