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Check out our large gift
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In addition to caring for your prescription needs, we have a large supply of over-the-counter products for your continued healthcare needs. However, as a special service to you, if we do not have what you are looking for, we will be happy to order any over-the-counter products not in stock and have them available for you on our next business day.
Be sure to check out our large gift selection at Herbert’s Pharmacy by clicking here or at Reynolds Pharmacy by clicking here. Herbert’s Pharmacy is located in Andover, Ohio, and Reynolds Pharmacy is in Transfer, Pennsylvania, and we welcome you to make the short trip to either location to enjoy shopping in our store. Choose from Willow Tree Figurines and Jim Shore Collectibles to jewelry, gift cards, chocolate candy, children’s toys and games and much, much more! However, we understand traveling to another location is not always possible. So, we can bring anything you would like from either location to Sharon Pharmacy. Simply ask one of our friendly staff to arrange it.
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