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Beginning as early as 1985, the Walberg family has had roots in the pharmacy business. Bretton's parents owned and operated both Jamestown Pharmacy and Reynolds Pharmacy during Bretton's childhood.


Growing up, Bretton was immersed in the daily operations of the pharmacy business. He helped stock shelves, checkout customers and offered a helping hand to everyone that came through the door. From there, his love for this customer care field evolved.

In 1999, Bretton and Stacey purchased their first pharmacy, Jamestown Pharmacy, from Bretton's parents. Two years later, they were encouraged to purchase Herbert's Pharmacy in Andover, Ohio, from a respected colleague. 

The opportunity to bring Reynolds Pharmacy back into the Walberg family name evolved in 2006.


In 2009, the Walberg’s began another new business, Sharon Pharmacy, followed by New Castle Pharmacy in 2010.  


2011 was a big year for the Walberg’s with the opening of three new locations. Petrolia Pharmacy opened in August, Mercer Pharmacy in October and Altoona Pharmacy followed quickly behind.  Most recently, the couple has opened Clarion Pharmacy, Linesville Pharmacy and Greenville's Care-Fill Pharmacy.    

Bretton and Stacey are continually looking for ways to improve the overall health of their patients.  With their newest service, Care-Fill® custom medication packaging, a high tech robot automatically sorts, organizes and packages customer medications in clear, individually sealed, easy-to-open packets which are then thoroughly examined and checked by a pharmacist.  Each packet lists the patient’s name, date, dosage time, instructions and medications contained. The process provides for direct communication between the patient (or caregiver), the doctor and the pharmacy.  This ensures timely refills, adherence to physician treatments and provides peace-of-mind for patients and their families.  Walberg Family Pharmacies is proud to offer this service free of charge.  


This husband and wife team may have grown Walberg Family Pharmacies from 1 location to eleven but the Walberg’s stand committed to ensuring their customers feel at home and are served as though they are family at each store. They remain dedicated to ensuring you feel you can entrust the health and well-being of your family to Walberg Family Pharmacies.

Below: Greenville's Care-Fill® Pharmacy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in 2015.  Located in Greenville, PA, this location is named after the company's signature custom medication packaging service.

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